Sell your car to us TODAY! Go home with cash in your pocket.1800 Car Cash NJ is the #1 Used Car Buyer in New Jersey! Selling a truck you have not yet paid off is not as simple as selling a truck you own outright. The exact process will change depending on who you are selling to and how large the amount still owed is. At 1800 Car Cash NJ we will offer to pay off your truck and take it off your hands. Selling a truck when you owe money on it can become a timely and stressful event.

What kind of Cars do you buy?

  •  Popular Cars, Trucks SUVs, and Motorcycles!
  • Classic Cars, Trucks ,and Motorcycles
  • Junk Cars, Trucks, SUVs and Motorcycles – We offer Free Towing
  • We Love Gently Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Motorcycles.
  • We Buy Used Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Motorcycles, and more!
  • Vintage
  • We Buy Old Vehicles!

It’s simple to sell your used car, truck or suv!

We have been Buying Cars Since 1977

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How to Sell your Car or Truck When You Still Owe Money on It.

Visit 1800 Car Cash NJ to find out how. One of our car cash techs are standing by to assist you.

Why Sell Your Used Car to Us?

Has your family outgrown the family vehicle?

Are you thinking about selling you car for cash to upgrade the family vehicle?

Car Cash NJ can help and give you cash for cars, trucks and SUV’s. We have car tech’s standing by to give you an instant cash quote offer at one of our three convenient locations in NJ. East Brunswick, Hasbrouck Heights an our newest location Toms River, NJ. So, whether you have a 15 year old mini van or a 1 year old Chevrolet Corvette, we’re interested and we’ll buy you car for cash today!

Because, 1-800-CarCash was founded in 1977 to give people the opportunity to sell their car for the highest possible amount with the least amount of work and aggravation.

In the last 35+ years since being opened, 1-800- Car Cash has expanded it’s presence to over 70 locations nationwide as a result our East Brunswick, NJ location has been helping you sell your car since 2013.We’ve also added additional New Jersey locations in Hasbrouck Heights and Toms River for your convenience.

Our consistent growth throughout the years has most of all puts us in a position to buy your car for cash when you need it. So don’t hesitate to stop in and visit us if you have a car to sell.

We have three convenient locations.

Need More Reasons To Sell your Used Car?

  • Highest possible cash price for your vehicle
    • 1800 Car Cash NJ will give you the highest possible cash price for your vehicle
  • Immediate payment
    • Most noteworthy is we give you immediate payment when you sell your car. No Waiting for payment.
  • Professional & Courteous Staff
    • Our Car Tech’s are trained, professional & courteous through the car selling process.
  • Honest, quick and efficient transaction
    • We stride for excellence with our honest, quick and efficient transaction.
  • No-Hassle Service
    • As a result you get the Best Price offer for your vehicle with our no-hassle service.
  • Free instant quote 24-hours a day
    • Get your free instant Car Cash Offer 24-hours a day online