Frequent Asked Car Cash Questions

How do I get to your Car Cash of New Jersey locations?2021-04-22T13:21:05+00:00

Get directions to our Car Cash of East Brunswick location by clicking here.
Get directions to our Car Cash of Hasbrouck Heights location by clicking here.
Get directions to our Car Cash of Toms River location by clicking here.

Where is Car Cash NJ located?2017-05-02T15:35:54+00:00

1800 Car Cash New Jersey has three convenient  locations located at:

How can I contact Car Cash NJ locations?2017-01-17T00:19:18+00:00

The 1-800-CarCash of New Jersey team can be reached on the phone at (732) 504-6200 or via email at info@1800carcashnj.com.

What is my car worth?2017-01-17T00:19:24+00:00

Get an instant online quote for the amount we will pay you to sell your car by clicking here.

What are your hours of operation?2017-01-17T00:31:41+00:00
1800 Car Cash NJ locations are open

Monday-Thursday: 9:30am – 7pm
Friday: 9:30am – 6pm

Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed

Do I need to make an appointment?2017-01-17T00:19:36+00:00
NO appointment is needed. Typically there is no wait though making an appointment will ensure you don’t wait.
What information and documents do I need to bring with me to sell my car?2017-01-17T00:19:42+00:00
You need to bring:

  • Your vehicle (for inspection/appraisal)
  • Certificate of Title – Your financial institution (bank, finance or leasing company) may have your title in their possession. We will pay off your Lien/Lease and obtain the Lien Release from your financial institution.
  • Lien Release When Applicable – If you’ve paid off your loan, proof of the payoff in the form of a lien release is required.
  • Proper Photo Identifica